« You need online bank account, you need a wallet to buy and sell everywhere in Africa and elsewhere, you need to feel free in your fiancials activities, We are for you ! »

What we do for you

Virtualize and keep your money safe

Indeed, Walliance is a fintech with 2 axis: On the first axe, we are a web wallet designed for African people because we realised they are not still using freely internet potentials activities becase they do not have a web wallet that can e fully used in Africa. But, We are important for everyone needs our services, even if he is out of Africa. Secondly, We are a Neobank for all people around the World: We bring financial revolution with our innovative financial services. We are reinventing the finance in the World associating all kind of financial technologies to date. We are the financial connectivity for all.

We give you credit cards, Apps & more

You need an international bank card (MasterCard or Visa) to be free for using ATM everywhere. May be you just need to use your smartphone to do every financial operations you want, our apps are for you. For your business offline, you just need the new generation of POS and Apps. In need of financial help for developing your business, we are here for you

Our wallet possibilities

You want to sell online, you want to buy online, you want to transfer money to your friends everywhere around the world; the e-commerce become so easy even in the countries where virtual money is not so much used. The most value is that you can use our Wallet even if you do not have any bank account or mobile bank account.

Walliance, it also...

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Loans for neobank customers

As fintech, we propose new financial services for you. We have developed new kind of loans for helping our clients but, the customers must send request and be eligible. Here are our different kinds of loans :

  • SmartFund (this is a kind loan reserved for traders)
  • ProjectFund (this is a kind of loan for helping those who have projects to initiated)
  • Invest (Investment for rapid and very profitable business)
  • WSFU (Walliance social use and financial help )
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Money deposit with special interests (EPIS)

We promote a new kind of money deposit for our clients, they can make a deposit and have 1% of return monthly upon their initial deposit. money. This is incomparable and seems to be the best around the world. We have conceived a mathematical matrix for that on visualizing the interests of each parts. The client who makes the deposit will have a return of 3% per quarter or 6% par semester.

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Special electronic tontine (Spontine)

The bank industry has always appreciated the african tontine even if the banks are not using this system.The spontine is accessible on our platform or via our apps. There is a reserved private space on the private account of the each user who register for it. Each session is automatic online or semi automatic for some clients.

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Make money with Walliance

You can make money with Walliance on being registered as partner or affiliate. So, you will convince and bring people to use Walliance. The more they come and use, the more you win. This service is called Walliance MyNet

Join us !

Walliance is the only one african fintech that offers to you more than a simple wallet; we offer financial innovations that no bank in the world has given before. And, the MOST, everybody can register and use simply online or via apps.